Control your Instagram Feed with Favorites and Following

Today, we're unveiling "Favorites" and "Following," two fresh avenues to personalize your feed. We're eager to help you mold Instagram into a haven of your interests, paving the way for an experience that resonates deeply with what matters to you the most.

What are Favorites and Following?

Your Instagram feed beautifully blends posts from those you follow with tailored suggestions and beyond. Soon, we'll be enhancing your feed with even more personalized recommendations through "Favorites" and "Following", offering you fresh avenues to stay connected with the updates from the accounts you cherish.

"Favorites" lets you stay updated with the latest from handpicked accounts like your closest friends and beloved creators, making their posts more prominent in your home feed for a personalized touch.

"Following" keeps you in the loop with the latest posts from your network. With both "Favorites" and "Following" displaying posts in chronological order, you can effortlessly stay updated with the newest content.

To keep up with your favorite stuff on Instagram, just tap on the Instagram icon in the top left corner of your home page, and pick what you want to see.


How your favorites list works

Stay connected with your favorite accounts! Add up to 50 of your faves to your list, and you can change it anytime, no notifications sent. Plus, posts from your favorites get a special star boost in your home feed.

More choice and control over what you see in your feed

We're constantly making Instagram better for you! Expect more cool features like Favorites and Following to let you choose what you see and make your time on the app more meaningful.

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