Introducing New Messaging Features


Today, we are thrilled to unveil a host of new messaging features designed with you in mind. Now, you can share snippets of your favorite tunes, communicate softly with silent messages, and effortlessly discern who's available for a friendly chat, among other exciting additions. Join us in this delightful journey of connecting and sharing in more meaningful ways!

We're excited to share this update as a part of our continuous efforts to enhance the heartfelt connections and sharing experiences with your dearest friends. We believe that this step will bring you closer to the people who matter most in your life, fostering moments of joy and genuine connections.

Today, we are thrilled to present seven exciting new messaging features. In line with our promise from last year's end, we are amplifying our investment in Instagram's messaging functionalities. Our goal is to foster even more delightful and seamless connections between you and your cherished friends, enriching the bonds that matter the most. Join us in this joyous venture of bringing hearts closer, one message at a time!

Browse and chat at the right time


We've crafted several warm enhancements to make chatting, sharing, and responding a more heartwarming experience:

Reply while you browse:

Got a new message while scrolling through your feed? Now, you can reply without leaving your spot, making your in-app chats smoother and more delightful.

Quickly send to friends:

We're making sharing interesting content a breeze without disrupting your Instagram journey. Simply tap and hold the share button to effortlessly pass along posts to your dear friends.

See who’s online:

Now, at a glance at the top of your inbox, you can spot friends who are available for a spontaneous chat, fostering delightful and unexpected connections.

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