Introducing New Ways to Collaborate and Create with Reels

We're thrilled to introduce some fresh updates to Instagram! Now, collaborating, crafting, and sharing reels is more delightful and straightforward than ever. Come, let's create some magic together!

More ways to collaborate with enhanced remix features

We're jazzing up our Remix tools to add a sprinkle of fun to your storytelling adventures on Instagram with friends and favorite creators! Let's dive in:

Remix for photos:

Pictures are the heart of Instagram! Soon, you'll be able to blend your creativity with public photos to craft your own one-of-a-kind reels. Your canvas for inspiration is about to get infinitely bigger!

Expanded Remix layouts:

Soon, you'll be able to spice up your reels with fun layouts like a green screen, split-screen, or picture-in-picture. It's your stage to react, comment, and add your personal touch to existing reels!

Add your clip:

Got a fresh perspective? Now, instead of blending in with the original reel, you can have your clip play right after it, letting your unique take shine in a seamless sequence. Let's keep the conversation going!


Easily create Reels with Templates and Dual

We're all about nurturing your creativity! That's why we're bringing you even more features to effortlessly capture, shape, and share your brilliant ideas, straight from your phone. You can easily download tiktok videos from Snaptik without a watermark, Let's unleash that inner artist!


In need of a creativity boost? Our new templates are here to help! They preload audio and clip placeholders to make crafting your reels a breeze. Just add your photos or videos and voila! Start exploring by hitting the camera icon on the Reels tab. Let's get inspired!


Capture the moment and your reaction, all at once! With our Dual feature, your phone's front and back cameras work together, letting you share a fuller story with a fresh perspective, right through your Instagram camera. Let's double the fun!

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